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Premier Storage offers an extensive range of safety and security equipment designed to ensure your premises are well-equipped, safe, and secure. Our broad selection includes crucial fire safety apparatus such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets, along with diverse fire signage options to guide and instruct occupants in case of emergencies. We also stock top-quality first aid kits and boxes that cater to immediate medical needs, complemented by a robust range of hazard signs for clear communication and enhanced safety awareness. For secure storage of valuables, our fireproof safes offer unmatched security. Lastly, our spill control solutions and safety barriers are designed to maintain a secure and hazard-free environment. Trust in Premier Storage for comprehensive safety and security solutions.
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Safety & Security Equipment for a Safer Workplace

In our commitment to safety and security, Premier Storage offers an expansive product range to address your needs.

Discover our assortment of Fire Extinguishers designed to combat various types of fires, complemented by fire blankets to contain small fire outbreaks efficiently. To help navigate during emergencies, our diverse fire signage solutions provide clear instructions for evacuation routes and fire equipment locations.

Our selection of First Aid Kits and boxes are equipped with all essential medical supplies for immediate response during accidents. Our Signage includes; Danger Signs, No Smoking Signs, and our name labels offer clear communication and instructions to enhance safety further.

For asset security, we provide fireproof Safes that protect your valuables, even in a fire. Our Safety Barriers help control access and manage traffic in sensitive areas to create a secure environment.

Lastly, our Spill Control solutions are ready to handle unexpected spills effectively and efficiently to maintain a clean and safe environment.

With Premier Storage, you're choosing a partner offering comprehensive safety and security solutions.

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