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Our cloakroom furniture and equipment are not only practical and functional but also aesthetically beautiful, with various colour options available to match the design of your school. We take great pleasure in providing premium goods at affordable costs while emphasising delivering excellent customer service.
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Cloakroom furniture

As a leading provider of storage solutions for schools, we offer a comprehensive range of cloakroom furniture and equipment designed to provide a secure and organised space for students to store their belongings. Our products are made with high-quality materials and are built to last, ensuring they stand up to the rigours of daily use in a busy school environment. Our range includes various options to suit the needs of different schools, including cloakroom benches, coat hooks, and locker units. We also offer a selection of accessories, such as shoe racks and bag hooks, to help keep your cloakroom space neat. Our products are designed with safety in mind, featuring rounded edges and corners to minimise the risk of injury. Our cloakroom benches also come with non-slip feet to prevent them from moving around, ensuring they remain stable and secure at all times.

Browse our collection of school cloakroom furniture and equipment today to find the perfect solutions for your school's storage needs.


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