Multi-Way Trucks

Our multi-way sack trucks are made with high-quality materials to ensure their durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand regular and heavy use, making them perfect for businesses requiring constant material handling.
  • £135 – £460
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Multi-Way Trucks

Premier Storage & Office Solutions offers various multi-way sack trucks perfect for material handling needs. Our multi-way trucks are designed to be versatile, allowing you to transport different types of loads easily. These trucks can be used in various environments, including warehouses, factories, and retail stores. Our multi-way sack trucks come in different sizes and designs, allowing you to choose the best one for your needs. We have models that can carry heavy loads of up to 300kg and handle cylindrical loads like gas cylinders. We also offer models with stair climbers, perfect for moving loads up and down stairs. Choose Premier Storage & Office Solutions for all your material handling needs. Browse our selection of multi-way sack trucks and find the perfect one for your business today.


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