Cable Management

Our cable trays are popular for many offices, providing a discreet and effective way of hiding cables under desks or along walls. Our cable baskets are also a great option, offering a versatile and adjustable solution for cables of all shapes and sizes.
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Cable Management

Premier Storage's cable management solutions are designed to help you keep your office organised and clutter-free. Our products include cable trays, cable baskets, cable spines, and cable ties, all designed to neatly organise cables and prevent them from becoming tangled or unsightly. For more complex cable setups, our cable spines offer an easy-to-use solution for vertical cable management. They can be mounted to walls or placed on desks, making them ideal for use in various settings. Finally, our cable ties are perfect for keeping cables neat, whether managing a small home office or an ample commercial space. With multiple sizes and colours available, they're a simple but effective way to keep cables organised and under control.


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