Ladders, Steps, Work Platforms & Forklifts Attachments

Discover Premier Storage's comprehensive range of access equipment, designed to fulfil all your workplace needs from robust aluminium step ladders perfect for everyday tasks, to foldable ladders and step stools offering compact solutions for space-constrained environments. Our extension ladders and scaffold platforms provide the extra height and stability required for larger tasks. In a warehouse or industrial setting, our forklift trucks and forklift cages are essential for safe and efficient material handling. Explore versatile solutions like our 3-step ladder, folding step stool, and telescopic ladder, which are suitable for various tasks. Our work platforms are the ideal choice for safe and steady work surfaces. Experience enhanced safety, reliability and efficiency with Premier Storage's access equipment.
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Your Go-To for Ladders, Steps, Work Platforms & Forklift Cages

Step up to all your tasks with our comprehensive array of access equipment designed to cater to various workplace requirements. Our vast selection includes sturdy aluminium step ladders, ideal for reaching high shelves, changing light bulbs, or carrying out minor repairs. For situations where space is a premium, our foldable ladders and folding step stools are a perfect fit - easy to store and deploy when needed.

Our robust extension ladders and scaffold platforms provide the additional height and stability required for more substantial tasks. These platforms are an excellent fit for construction and maintenance tasks, offering safety and convenience.

Our range of forklift trucks and cages is indispensable in a warehouse or industrial setting. From moving heavy items safely to storing goods at height, they help improve operational efficiency while prioritising worker safety.

Looking for something in between? Our 3-step ladder offers a compact design and enhanced reach, while our telescopic ladder offers adjustability to suit different tasks.

Finally, our work platforms are the go-to choice for tasks requiring a safe and steady base. Whether it's for painting, cleaning, or other maintenance work, these platforms offer a reliable solution.

Our access equipment range at Premier Storage is designed to cater to all your needs, helping you work efficiently, safely, and comfortably. Explore our range today and find the perfect solution for your access needs.

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