Spill Control

Our spill control products include spill kits, absorbents, bunds, and more. We offer spill kits for various spills, including oil, chemical, and general-purpose spills. Our absorbents come in multiple forms, including pads, rolls, socks, and pillows, to help you clean up spills of any size.
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Spill Control

Premier Storage Solutions offers a range of spill control equipment to help you keep your workplace safe and compliant. Spills can happen in any workplace, and it is essential to have the right equipment to contain and clean them up quickly to prevent damage to your premises and harm to your employees. Our bunds are an excellent way to prevent spills from spreading. We offer a range of bunds, including drum, pallet, and IBC bunds, to help you comply with regulations and keep your workplace safe. We also provide protection products to prevent spills from entering drains and waterways.

At Premier Storage and Office Solutions, we understand the importance of workplace safety and compliance. Our spill control products are of the highest quality and offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. Browse our range today and keep your workplace safe and compliant.

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