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The G-Truck Pro Pallet Truck offers unparalleled efficiency with its ergonomic design and impressive load capacity. Manufactured to European GS standards, it promises reliability and smooth operation for all your handling needs.
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G-Truck Pro Pallet Truck: Superior Performance, Built to Last

Introducing the G-Truck Pro Pallet Truck, a paragon of exceptional design and unmatched durability. With a robust fork width of 160mm and the capability to raise up to 200mm, this pallet truck is built for efficiency. It seamlessly integrates entry and exit rollers, ensuring smooth manoeuvrability, even under loads up to 2500kg. The ergonomic handle, equipped with a 3-position control lever, offers precise control, making handling tasks effortless. Adhering to the European GS standard, its quality is undisputed. Further enhancing its mobility are the 180mm nylon steering wheels and 85mm nylon single front rollers. Choose G-Truck Pro for a pallet truck that delivers in both form and function.



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