Renowned for its comprehensive range of sack trucks, Apollo offers products tailored for both light-duty tasks and heavy-duty operations. Prioritising durability, versatility, and user experience, Apollo remains the top choice for businesses in need of dependable warehousing solutions.
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Apollo: The Gold Standard in Sack Truck

Apollo stands as an industry titan in the world of sack trucks. With an extensive product range that spans from light-duty folding options to robust heavy-duty variants, Apollo caters to a diverse array of warehousing and logistical needs. Each product, whether it's the telescopic light-duty truck or the heavy-duty bulky sack truck, embodies Apollo's commitment to quality, durability, and user-centric design. Recognised for their innovation, Apollo's folding toe sack trucks, especially those equipped with pneumatic wheels, are a testament to the brand's dedication to providing versatile and efficient solutions. With competitive pricing and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, Apollo continues to set industry benchmarks, making them a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable materials handling equipment.


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