2022 Office Furniture Catalogue

09 08 SPACE PLANNING MATERIAL FINISHES // INTRO Correct planning ensures you are getting the most out of your workspace. We offer a space planning service which utilises the maximum capacity of your workspace safely and efficiently. We are proud to work with a dedicated selection of the UK and Europe’s longest established and best-recognised upholstery fabric, vinyl and leather manufacturers. Our experienced team use the latest software to ensure a full planning service, from site surveys and 2D plans to walk-through 3D visualisations. Just give us your measurements, and we will create and suggest possible layouts to enhance your existing office space. 2D PLANS Our 2D plans turn your measurements into a well thought out working area to suit your particular requirements. Once your furniture plan is complete, we can be as detailed as you need and display network points, lighting, heating, power, and anything else you may require. Want to hang on to a few things? Our 2D plans can show a mix of old and new furniture designed by our experienced team. 3D PLANS We can take the 2D plan drawings a stage further by adding carpet and wall finishes, together with colour ideas to suit your corporate identity - or build on your ideas. Once created, we can produce a 3D walk-through visualisation, which enables you to see the result in a clear, concise way. The fabrics we offer are a selection of the most popular within the market and are suitable for applications ranging from operator seating, task seating, soft seating and for the upholstery of vertical surfaces, such as desk mounted and floor standing screens. The range of manufacturers, finishes and price bands offers a solution for all specifications and budgets - please contact us for further details or assistance. All of the materials used within our furniture, seating and storage ranges are carefully selected and specified per our ISO 9001 certification. We work with globally renowned manufacturers to ensure we can bring to market quality products that stand the test of time and offer an exceptional value proposition. Our desktops and wooden storage are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC). UNLIMITED FABRICS Where you see the above icon, the product is available upholstered to your exact specification. Choose from multiple on-trend finishes to match your market place or corporate colour scheme, or if you’re looking for something different to brighten up your business environment. FIRE RETARDANCY The fire retardancy or CRIB rating of a particular fabric measures its ability to resist ignition from an exposed flame. There are a variety of tests for the flammability of upholstery fabrics within the UK - we have listed a brief description of those applicable to our market below (please note this is not exhaustive; if further information is required, please contact us). Low Hazard - tested to BS7176:2007 Low Hazard fabric ratings are suitable for use within the general office environment. PLEASE NOTE: Fabric Banding: Should your fabric of choice not be listed, please contact our Sales Team who will be happy to assist. Please ensure you check the suitability of your selected fabric for its application before ordering. Where environmental credentials are a significant consideration, we are also able to source and recommend from a wide choice of ecological fabrics. These fabrics range from those made from recycled raw materials, or materials composed of rapidly renewable sources such as wool, or innovative bast fibres from nettles, hemp or even recycled coffee sacks. We have a standard colour palette of six MFC wood finishes spanning our core range of desking and storage, comprising of panel end, cantilever and bench solutions specified at 25mm for all desktops. Similarly, our Regent Executive range offers two dedicated MFC wood finishes at 36mm to give a unique executive edge. Our MFC supply chain is fully FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and therefore accredited to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. CRIB 5 - This indicates a fabric has been treated and tested and is suitable for most purposes, particularly contract environments like hotels, where the impact of a fire can be especially dangerous due to the volume of people. CRIB 7 - This is a more stringent test version of CRIB 5. Fabric that passes this test is suitable for more hazardous environments like prisons or offshore installations. E&OE. All items are subject to VAT, where applicable. Leather: Priced upon application. Fabric Swatches: We recommend that your final fabric selection is made based on a physical swatch only; we recommend you use printed swatches merely as a guide.