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40 Cantilever Racking Cantilever Racking Shelving & Storage Designed to meet nothing less than your precise requirements, our cantilevers are exceedingly versatile whatever your work environment, and with no front uprights, all levels are available to forklifts. They are specially designed to store various length items – steel bars, pipes, tubes, furniture, packs of timber; as well as boards, metal sheets, crates and boxes, or white goods. Additional arms, uprights and braces can be added as storage requirements change, while single and double sided configurations provide maximum storage capacity – be it on a single central column, or fitting tightly against a wall. Please contact us for order enquiries and to find out more about cantilever! Light duty cantilever Light duty cantilever is a versatile, modular system for storage of long goods. With no front uprights obstructing load-placing and retrieval, all levels are available for DIY, manufacturing, plumbing & pipework, and workshop environments. Heavy duty cantilever Heavy duty cantilever is ideal if you need to store long and difficult items such as steel bars, piping, tubes or timber. Storage is horizontal, so can be handled manually or by forklift. Heavy duty cantilever is a versatile, modular system for storage of long or large goods. It’s perfect for all types of warehousing environments. Mobile cantilever Both duties of cantilever racking can also be installed on MOVO heavy duty mobile carriages. This maximises the use of floor space as it needs only one operating aisle.