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39 Speedlock Mk3 Speedlock Mk3 Shelving & Storage Speedlock Mk3 uprights & beams are manufactured using high quality steel and have a durable powder coated finish, which is available in a range of colours. Additional Dexion Speedlock Mk3 parts are still widely available through our nationwide network of Approved Dexion Distributors for both repair works and extensions to existing pallet racking installations. Today’s components are manufactured to the same specifications and high quality as the original Dexion Speedlock Mk3 racking. Standard bays Mk3 Clear entry Depth Stores 2667 900 2 x A 2700 900 2 x A 1350 900 1 x A 2250 1100 2 x B 2700 1100 3 x C 3300 1100 3 x B 1350 1100 1 x A Racking UK pallets A B C 1200 x 1000 1000 x 1200 800 x 1200 Uses Only available for repair work and extensions to existing Speedlock Mk3 installations. • All common sizes typically available from stock • Extensive range of accessories