Storage Catalogue

Need help designing your layout or costing a project, just give us a call. Now available in frames up to 6000mm high Safety Pin L-Shaped Upright Protector U-Shaped Upright Protector Price includes uprights, metal feet and all necessary bracing, and fixings (including throughbolts). † Frame capacity is calculated at a beam pitch of 1500mm, and a run of five 2700mm wide bays. Beam Levels W (mm) Code Load Per pair (kg) Price Per Pair 1350mm MPRB/1375/YW 3540 £55.75 2225mm MPRB/2210/YW 2800 £92.70 2700mm MPRB/2712/YW 3180 £120.25 3300mm (900mm depth) MPRB/331709/YW 3790 £197.10 3300mm (1100mm depth) MPRB/331711/YW 3790 £197.10 Frames Depth - 900mm Depth - 1100mm H (mm) Code Price Code Price 2500mm MPRF/2509/GV £122.00 MPRF/2511/GV £127.65 3000mm MPRF/3009/GV £139.25 MPRF/3011/GV £145.70 4000mm MPRF/4009/GV £170.30 MPRF/4011/GV £177.50 5000mm MPRF/5009/GV £201.40 MPRF/5011/GV £209.30 6000mm MPRF/6009/GV £240.95 MPRF/6011/GV £251.20 Accessories Description Code Price Upright Protector Type L – 400mm MPRUPL/04/YW £54.30 Upright Protector Type U – 530mm MPRUPU/05/YW £39.25 200mm Row Spacer MPRRS/20/GV £3.90 250mm Row Spacer MPRRS/25/GV £4.55 Shim 1.0mm MPR01/SHIM10 £1.30 Floor Fixing M12x100 FFM12x100 £1.65 Guarantee Delivery DAYS Per Level PALLET RACKING 79 Per Level Warehouse