Storage Catalogue

We have multiple solutions to different storage problems, if you are unsure what’s best for you, please contact us. Cost effective Vertical Storage for items up to 3000mm long! Starter Bay includes two side frames, beams, Right and Left hand dividers, one adjustable divider and all necessary fixings. Extension includes one side frame, beams, three adjustable dividers and all necessary fixings (Floor Fixings ‘M12x100’ available on request). Vertical Rack +Add Extension Bay H x W x D (mm) Starter Code Starter Price Extensions Code Extension Price 2550 x 1200 x 810 VRS/2512/3 £661.85 VRE/2512/3 £446.35 2550 x 1600 x 810 VRS/2516/3 £684.35 VRE/2516/3 £486.75 2550 x 1800 x 810 VRS/2518/3 £706.80 VRE/2518/3 £527.15 +For Adjustable Hoop Dividers H x D (mm) Code Price 1000 x 400mm VR/DIV1004 £67.20 Vertical Rack Available Widths (Height shown 2550mm) W 1800mm W 1600mm W 1200mm 1,3. Left & Right Hand Fixed Dividers 2. Hoop Divider detail Simply clip in the fixed divider The hoop dividers can be adjusted and tightened to any position along the beam 1 2 3 Vertical Rack 2550 x 1600 x 810 with one extra hoop divider £ 446 . 35 Guarantee Delivery DAYS VERTICAL RACKING 75 Storeroom Warehouse Warehouse