Storage Catalogue

Remember, if your shelving’s height to depth ratio is greater than 4:1, the bay should be fixed to the floor or to the wall! 70 LONGSPAN AUTOMOTIVE Best for Warehouse or Storeroom | up to 950kg UDL/shelf Automotive storage solutions with Longspan Racking Standard Longspan Tyre Racks use 457mm deep frames Tyre Racking Levels (For frames please see p.69) Width (mm) Code Load UDL (kg) per Level Price per pair 1220mm LSB/12/OR 950 £29.45 1525mm LSB/15/OR 850 £35.50 1830mm LSB/18/OR 800 £42.50 2135mm LSB/21/OR 700 £47.75 2440mm LSB/24/OR 600 £54.95 Price includes 2x beams and safety pins. No decking included! Longspan Divider System £ 29 . 45 per level Longspan Divider System 2135 x 1525 x 915 Guarantee Delivery DAYS