Storage Catalogue

Did you know you can fully assemble J Rivet MFC in just five minutes? Our J Rivet MFC range offers the same strength, simplicity and cost effectiveness of our standard J Rivet solution, but with premium melamine shelving. Our J Rivet MFC bays come with five wipe-down, light grey shelves as standard and a choice of two widths and three depths. As with the standard model, the average assembly time for the J Rivet MFC is just five minutes. Rubber Mallet MALLET £4.05 RR5/WBKT £1.15 Wall Bracket RR5/SET4 Set of 4 £4.60 Metal Feet FFM8X50 M8x50 £1.05 Floor Fixing Tie Plate RR8/SET4 Set of 4 £4.20 J Rivet MFC Bays +Adding Extra Shelf H x W x D (mm) Bay Code Shelf Load (kg) Bay Price Shelf Code Additional Shelf Price 1830 x 915 x 305 JRB/M/18/09/03/5/BG 150 £110.00 JRS/M/09/03/GY £16.60 1830 x 915 x 457 JRB/M/18/09/04/5/BG 150 £132.90 JRS/M/09/04/GY £21.20 1830 x 915 x 610 JRB/M/18/09/06/5/BG 150 £155.25 JRS/M/09/06/GY £25.65 1830 x 1220 x 305 JRB/M/18/12/03/5/BG 120 £133.40 JRS/M/12/03/GY £21.30 1830 x 1220 x 457 JRB/M/18/12/04/5/BG 120 £161.50 JRS/M/12/04/GY £26.90 1830 x 1220 x 610 JRB/M/18/12/06/5/BG 120 £189.30 JRS/M/12/06/GY £32.45 J Rivet MFC 1830 x 915 x 457 +For Taller Bays Add Price Extra Height Code Price 2135mm JRB/M/21/--/--/5/BG £5.05 2440mm JRB/M/24/--/--/5/BG £10.40 2745mm JRB/M/27/--/--/5/BG £15.70 3050mm JRB/M/30/--/--/5/BG £21.65 3660mm JRB/M/36/--/--/5/BG £31.05 J Rivet MFC Bays come with five melamine shelf levels as standard. Bay price also includes uprights, plastic feet, face and side beams. Extra shelves and height can be added. J Rivet central beam profile J RIVET MFC Guarantee Delivery DAYS Boltless Assembly £ 110 . 00 Pricing based on 5 levels 28 J RIVET MFC Best for Warehouse, Storeroom or Workshop | up to 150kg UDL/shelf