Storage Catalogue

J Rivet increases storage density with its 30mm slim beam profile. Fully flexible, low cost shelving system Our J Rivet system offers unbeatable strength at an incredible price, manufactured to the high quality you have come to expect from one of the UK’s leading suppliers. The shallow J beam profile provides increased storage capacity whilst maintaining excellent strength. To maximise flexibility, our J Rivet range is compatible with our incredible Heavy Rivet range. The system is simple to erect yet has all the strength you are likely to need with a bay load of up to 2800kg. The bays simply tap together with a rubber mallet so you can organize your storage in a fraction of the time it can take with more traditional systems. With the average time to assemble a bay being just 5 minutes, you will be amazed at how easy it is to create large installations. Our lowest priced Rivet Shelving system Rubber Mallet MALLET £4.05 RR5/WBKT £1.15 Wall Bracket RR5/SET4 Set of 4 £4.60 Metal Feet FFM8X50 M8x50 £1.05 Floor Fixing Tie Plate RR8/SET4 Set of 4 £4.20 Run of J Rivet bays connected with Tie Plates J Rivet beam profile J RIVET 24 J RIVET RACKING Best for Warehouse, Storeroom or Workshop | up to 150kg UDL/shelf