Storage Catalogue

Rivet Racking can be further enhanced with mobile accessories, providing another range of solutions. See pages 88-89 for more. Rivet Racking accessories and components 8 1 2 3 4 6 7 9 10 11 1. J Rivet Beam Decking is flush with the top of the beam Used with tubes to create rails 2. Notched Side Beam 3. Rivet Upright Uprights can be up to 3660mm high 4. Tie Plate Connects two bays together Comes as a standard with every bay 5. Plastic Feet Allows the bay to be floor fixed 6. Metal Foot Decking sits on top of the beam 7. Heavy Rivet Beam 8. Tray Shelf Reversed medium rivet ‘L’ beams 9. Chipboard Deck Rivet Racking uses 15mm and 18mm decks Allows the bay to be wall fixed 10. Wall Bracket 11. Deck Support Adds strength to shelf levels 5 RIVET RACKING GUIDE Storeroom Workshop Warehouse 17