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Need more racking? Check out our steel shelving systems on 36-37. 141 Workshop Storeroom Warehouse Magnetic Easy Wipe Location Strips H (mm) x L (m) Code Price 10mm x 10m MSR1 £12.90 15mm x 10m MSR15 £18.30 20mm x 10m MSR2 £22.20 25mm x 10m MSR25 £26.40 30mm x 10m MSR3 £30.00 40mm x 10m MSR4 £38.40 50mm x 10m MSR5 £45.90 60mm x 10m MSR6 £46.50 70mm x 10m MSR7 £53.70 80mm x 10m MSR8 £57.60 90mm x 10m MSR9 £61.80 100mm x 10m MSR10 £67.20 Available in blue (B), green (G), red (R), white (W) and yellow (Y) Magnetic Easy Wipe Location Markers H x W (mm) Code Pack Colour Price 20 x 80 LM28W 100 White £21.90 30 x 80 LM38W 100 White £30.60 40 x 80 LM48W 100 White £33.00 50 x 80 LM58W 100 White £42.00 56 x 105 LM105W 100 White £57.60 50 x 150 LM515W 100 White £63.00 90 x 210 LM219W 10 White £17.40 Wet Wipe Pens Code Price PB/5 £10.80 Magnetic ‘Easy Wipe’ Racking Strip Bespoke Location Labelling Our project managers will help you design a labelling solution to meet your particular system requirements. To book your consultation please call our sales office. The Project Manager will liaise with the client through-out to ensure that a professional, quality service is provided. To book your consultation please call our sales office. Magnetic ‘Easy Wipe’ Racking Strip Our Magnetic easy wipe racking strip is available from stock in 12 sizes and 5 gloss colours for a cost effective and high visibility identification system. The ‘Easy Wipe’ Racking strip is easily cut to size and is ‘write on - wipe off’ when used with a wet wipe pen. Magnetic Easy Wipe Location Markers White magnetic location markers supplied in pre cut single sized pieces. Use a wet-wipe marker pen, write on, update and move when required. These pre-cut markers offer a quick and easy high visibility system of identifying locations, products or stock quantity’s etc. Our black Marker Pen is unlike most marker pens due to its unique Wet Wipe quality. Most pens of this type are either permanent or wipe off, whereas the Beaverswood pen’s ink, once dried, needs a damp cloth for it to be removed. RACK IDENTIFICATION