Classroom Furniture

Special sizes can be made to measure - call for details! Unbreakable Coathooks - Mounted on a Board Code Dimension Hooks Price A72005 150mm High x 400mm Wide 4 Hooks £16.00 A72007 150mm High x 600mm Wide 6 Hooks £24.00 A72009 150mm High x 800mm Wide 8 Hooks £32.00 A72011 150mm High x 1000mm Wide 10 Hooks £40.00 A72012 150mm High x 1200mm Wide 12 Hooks £48.00 A72013 150mm High x 1400mm Wide 14 Hooks £56.00 A72014 150mm High x 1600mm Wide 16 Hooks £64.00 A72015 150mm High x 1800mm Wide 18 Hooks £72.00 A72016 150mm High x 2000mm Wide 20 Hooks £80.00 Simply screw the board, complete with coathooks, to your wall! Choice of board colour finishes WD03 PREMIUM CLOAKROOM