Educational Furniture 2022 Catalogue Priced

WALL PIGEONHOLES 35 Wall Mountable Pigeon Holes Very high quality & stylish pigeonhole units. Formed, clear acrylic shelves are a sturdy 3mm thick & come complete with name strips. There is a downloadable template for Word so you can create neat & tidy names or titles. Please note: Acrylic shelves come with a protective film on both sides that should be peeled off before use & then apply the labelling strip. Units come complete with metal adjustable hanging brackets. Please make sure that the wall you are securing the unit to is solid & able to take the weight of the unit safely. Screws are not provided as you will need to use the relevant type of fixing for your chosen wall. If unsure please consult a qualified tradesman. Supplied with name label holder Clear acrylic shelves Pigeonholes shown in our Oak Finish. Shelves are adjustable to create different sized openings Preset pigeonhole dimensions Choice of finishes