Classroom Furniture

Library WA01 Storage WB01 Paper Storage WC01 Cloakroom WD01 Office & Staffroom WE01 Classroom WF01 Folio Library, KubbyKurve Library, Premium Library, Britannia Range, Sovereign Range Gratnells Trays, Cubby Tray Units, Tray Stor- age, A3 Tray Units, Tray Cupboards, 500mm Wide Cupboards, 750mm Wide Cupboards, Metre Wide Cupboards A1 Planchests, A1 Paper Storage, A2 Planchests, A2 Paper Storage Wooden Primary Lockers, Wooden Secondary Lockers, Coat Hooks, Coat Stations, Bag Stor- age, Lunchbox Trolleys, Outdoor Trolley, Coffee Tables, Wall File Storage, Wall Pigeon- holes, Large Pigeonholes, File Storage Cup- boards & Units, Soft Seating Classroom Steps, Teachers Desk, Office Chairs, Learning Wall, Storage Wall, Cupboard Wall, Postura Chairs, Classroom Tables Kubbyclass ® Library KA01 KB01 Kubbyclass ® Paper Storage KC01 Kubbyclass ® Cloakroom KD01 Kubbyclass ® Tables KE01 Bookcases, Corner Units, Curved Bookcases, Kinder- boxes, Book Trolleys, Book Staircase, Carousels & the NEW Polar White Range Tray Units, Slimline Cupboards, Mid Cupboards, Wide Cupboards, Storage Cubes, USB Charging Stations, Laptop Tidy A0 Planchests, A1 Planchests, A1 Paper Storage, A2, A3 & A4 Paper Storage, Paper Storage Waterfall Kubbyclass ® Wooden Lockers, Coat Tidys, Coat Hooks, Kubbyclass ® Classroom Tables in a range of stylish shapes, Bench Seats Kubbyclass ® Range Kubbyclass ® Storage Second half of catalogue Premium Range First half of catalogue The extremely popular Kubbyclass ® Furniture is a superior quality range that is both stylish & durable & comes with a 10 year guarantee.