Educational Furniture 2022 Catalogue Priced

Code Height Width Depth Price KCWCR750 750mm 350mm 350mm £199.00 KCWCR1000 1000mm 350mm 350mm £209.00 KCWCR1250 1250mm 350mm 350mm £219.00 KCWCR1500 1500mm 350mm 350mm £229.00 KCWCR1750 1750mm 350mm 350mm £239.00 KCWCR2000 2000mm 350mm 350mm £249.00 Code Height Width Depth Price KCWDE750 750mm 676mm 350mm £239.00 KCWDE1000 1000mm 676mm 350mm £269.00 KCWDE1250 1250mm 676mm 350mm £295.00 KCWDE1500 1500mm 676mm 350mm £315.00 KCWDE1750 1750mm 676mm 350mm £335.00 KCWDE2000 2000mm 676mm 350mm £365.00 These units are used on the end of the KubbyClass double sided bookcases & on the end of the reading arch. They are an attractive & solidly built unit with curved fixed shelves. They also make a great freestanding feature unit on any wall. Available in all 6 heights & 7 colour themes. These stylish end units are great for completing that finished look to any library. These are suitable for all of the KubbyClass single sided bookcases & are available in left & right versions. The coloured panel is on the back wall to match the bookcases. Code Height Width Depth Price KCWCL750 750mm 350mm 350mm £199.00 KCWCL1000 1000mm 350mm 350mm £209.00 KCWCL1250 1250mm 350mm 350mm £219.00 KCWCL1500 1500mm 350mm 350mm £229.00 KCWCL1750 1750mm 350mm 350mm £239.00 KCWCL2000 2000mm 350mm 350mm £249.00 Fixed shelves 199 KUBBYCLASS POLAR LIBRARY Fixed shelves Fixed shelves