Educational Furniture 2022 Catalogue Priced

KubbyClass Internal Corner Bookcases are brilliant for overcoming any empty spaces in your library. Now you can make a seamless run of bookcases that go around corners & maximise space. Code Height Width Depth Price KCCO750 750mm 600mm 600mm £269.00 KCCO1000 1000mm 600mm 600mm £315.00 KCCO1250 1250mm 600mm 600mm £355.00 KCCO1500 1500mm 600mm 600mm £385.00 KCCO1750 1750mm 600mm 600mm £419.00 KCCO2000 2000mm 600mm 600mm £459.00 An attractive unit, recommended for every library. Used in conjunction with the single-sided library bookcases. Available in 6 heights & 7 colour themes. Solidly constructed with a 10 year guarantee. Blanking units for adding into spaces to create an aisle of bookcases coming away from a straight line of units - see illustration. Available in a choice of 7 colour themes. Code Height Width Depth Price KCBL750 750mm 750mm 350mm £209.00 KCBL1000 1000mm 750mm 350mm £239.00 KCBL1250 1250mm 750mm 350mm £259.00 KCBL1500 1500mm 750mm 350mm £279.00 KCBL1750 1750mm 750mm 350mm £299.00 KCBL2000 2000mm 750mm 350mm £315.00 KUBBYCLASS LIBRARY 182 Adjustable shelves