Classroom Furniture

High quality, strong & sturdy benches to use with the rectangle tables. Also great for use in changing rooms & dining rooms. Choice of 6 heights & 9 different colour themes. KUBBYCLASS BENCH SEATS KE09 Kubbyclass ® Bench Seats 600mm Bench Seat 700mm Bench Seat 800mm Bench Seat 900mm Bench Seat Use with 800mm Rectangular Tables Use with 900mm Rectangular Tables Use with 1000mm Rectangular Tables Use with 1200mm Rectangular Tables Code Diameter Price KCTAB40 W600mm x 340mm £67.00 Code Diameter Price KCTAB41 W700mm x 340mm £69.00 Code Diameter Price KCTAB42 W800mm x 340mm £71.00 Code Diameter Price KCTAB43 W900mm x 340mm £73.00