Classroom Furniture

Code Width Description Price KCCH6 600mm 6 Hook Coat Rail £27.00 KCCH7 700mm 7 Hook Coat Rail £31.00 KCCH8 800mm 8 Hook Coat Rail £36.00 KCCH9 900mm 9 Hook Coat Rail £40.00 KCCH10 1000mm 10 Hook Coat Rail £45.00 KCCH11 1100mm 11 Hook Coat Rail £49.00 KCCH12 1200mm 12 Hook Coat Rail £54.00 KCCH13 1300mm 13 Hook Coat Rail £58.00 KCCH14 1400mm 14 Hook Coat Rail £63.00 KCCH15 1500mm 15 Hook Coat Rail £67.00 KCCH16 1600mm 16 Hook Coat Rail £72.00 Choose required rail width: The KubbyClass® Mounted Coat Hooks range is avail- able in eleven lengths, ranging from 600mm all the way up to 1600mm in 100mm increments. Height of backboard is 155mm. Unlike other manufacturers, we do NOT use aluminium pegs, that are prone to snap & leave sharp, dangerous edges be- hind, all our hooks are indestructible & will last a lifetime. They are not only tough, but designed with safety in mind. There is also a choice of 9 hook stock colours to choose from. The backing rails are 18mm MDF laminate with a 2mm bump resistant ply effect edge - available in 7 colours, plus Maple or Beech. Kubbyclass ® Mounted Coat Hooks KD06 KUBBYCLASS CLOAKROOM