Classroom Furniture

KUBBYCLASS POLAR LIBRARY KA14 Code Height Width Depth Price KCWSBC750 750mm 500mm 350mm £179.00 KCWSBC1000 1000mm 500mm 350mm £199.00 KCWSBC1250 1250mm 500mm 350mm £219.00 KCWSBC1500 1500mm 500mm 350mm £239.00 KCWSBC1750 1750mm 500mm 350mm £259.00 KCWSBC2000 2000mm 500mm 350mm £279.00 Kubbyclass ® Polar Slimline Bookcase Code Height Width Depth Price KCWBC750 750mm 750mm 350mm £219.00 KCWBC1000 1000mm 750mm 350mm £239.00 KCWBC1250 1250mm 750mm 350mm £259.00 KCWBC1500 1500mm 750mm 350mm £279.00 KCWBC1750 1750mm 750mm 350mm £299.00 KCWBC2000 2000mm 750mm 350mm £319.00 Kubbyclass ® Polar Library Bookcase Kubbyclass ® Polar Library Double Sided Bookcase Code Height Width Depth Price KCWDBC750 750mm 750mm 676mm £279.00 KCWDBC1000 1000mm 750mm 676mm £319.00 KCWDBC1250 1250mm 750mm 676mm £359.00 KCWDBC1500 1500mm 750mm 676mm £399.00 KCWDBC1750 1750mm 750mm 676mm £439.00 KCWDBC2000 2000mm 750mm 676mm £479.00 These really are a high capacity bookcase. Both sides have fully adjustable safety shelving. Great for creating a divider in the library. Twice the capacity of our single sided units but certainly not twice the price. Used in conjunction with D-end cap bookcases, KubbyClass library arch & single blanking units.