Classroom Furniture

KubbyClass ® Book Carousel 2 Tier Code Height Dia. Price KCCAR2 770mm 650mm £169.00 KubbyClass ® Book Carousel 1 Tier Code Height Dia. Price KCCAR1 430mm 650mm £119.00 KubbyClass ® Book Carousel 3 Tier Code Height Dia. Price KCCAR3 1105mm 650mm £219.00 KubbyClass ® Book Carousel 4 Tier Code Height Dia. Price KCCAR4 1445mm 650mm £269.00 KUBBYCLASS LIBRARY KA12 These stylish & attractive units are really versatile, with a variety of uses ranging from file to book storage & great for creating displays. The KubbyClass Library Book Carousels are manufactured in a solid 18mm MDF Maple laminate with 2mm ply effect, bump resistant edging. Available in seven colour themes, Lime, Red, Jaffa, Lilac, Plum, Blue, Powder Blue. Can also be supplied in a Maple or Beech throughout. Book Carousels Book Carousel - 2 Tier Book Carousel - 3 Tier Book Carousel - 4 Tier Book Carousel - 1 Tier