Classroom Furniture

The KubbyClass © Slimline Bookcase is slightly narrower at 500mm, ideal for where space is limited. Adjustable shelving can be positioned where required & comes as standard with the KubbyClass © Safety Shelf. Solid construction with 10 year guarantee. Code Height Width Depth Price KCSBC750 750mm 500mm 350mm £179.00 KCSBC1000 1000mm 500mm 350mm £199.00 KCSBC1250 1250mm 500mm 350mm £219.00 KCSBC1500 1500mm 500mm 350mm £239.00 KCSBC1750 1750mm 500mm 350mm £259.00 KCSBC2000 2000mm 500mm 350mm £279.00 These stylish units are great for completing that finished look to any library. These are suitable for all KubbyClass© single- sided bookcases & are available in left & right versions. The coloured panel is on the back wall to match the book- cases. Code Height Width Depth Price A - Left KCCL750 750mm 350mm 350mm £169.00 B - Right KCCR750 750mm 350mm 350mm £169.00 A - Left KCCL1000 1000mm 350mm 350mm £179.00 B - Right KCCR1000 1000mm 350mm 350mm £179.00 A - Left KCCL1250 1250mm 350mm 350mm £189.00 B - Right KCCR1250 1250mm 350mm 350mm £189.00 A - Left KCCL1500 1500mm 350mm 350mm £199.00 B - Right KCCR1500 1500mm 350mm 350mm £199.00 A - Left KCCL1750 1750mm 350mm 350mm £209.00 B - Right KCCR1750 1750mm 350mm 350mm £209.00 A - Left KCCL2000 2000mm 350mm 350mm £219.00 B - Right KCCR2000 2000mm 350mm 350mm £219.00 A B KUBBYCLASS LIBRARY KA04 KubbyClass ® Slimline Bookcase KubbyClass ® Library End Bookcase