Classroom Furniture

FOLIO PREMIUM LIBRARY WA08 H750mm x W750mm x D750mm A61076 £229.00 H900mm x W750mm x D750mm A61077 £259.00 H1200mm x W750mm x D750mm A61078 £289.00 H1500mm x W750mm x D750mm A61079 £319.00 H1800mm x W750mm x D750mm A61080 £349.00 H 750 mm x W325mm x D325mm A61081 £119.00 H900mm x W325mm x D325mm A61082 £129.00 H1200mm x W325mm x D325mm A61083 £149.00 H1500mm x W325mm x D325mm A61084 £169.00 H1800mm x W325mm x D325mm A61085 £189.00 H 750 mm x W750mm x D325mm A61096 £179.00 H900mm x W750mm x D325mm A61097 £189.00 H1200mm x W750mm x D325mm A61098 £209.00 H1500mm x W750mm x D325mm A61099 £229.00 H1800mm x W750mm x D325mm A61100 £249.00 Flat Top External Corner Library Bookcase Library Blanking Unit Flat Top Internal Corner Library Bookcase To create a continous run of units around a corner area Ideal for ending a run of bookcas- es or used to go around a corner Used in a run of bookcases. Allows double ended bookcases to be used to create an aisle.