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Titan One Piece Polypropylene Chairs Codes Size Age Seat Height (mm) £ T1 1 1-2 260 40 T2 2 3-4 310 43 T3 3 5-7 350 45 T4 4 8-9 380 47 T5 5 9-13 430 49 T6 6 13 + 460 52 Manufactured to a European Standard (EN 1729 Part 1 & Part 2) that first and foremost sets out to encourage good posture for our children. EN 1729 Part 1 is the standard which sets chair dimensions, heights, angles and back support contact points for every age group. Good posture not only means children will be healthier - it also means that they should be more comfortable and therefore more attentive in class. • Child safe - tamper proof anti-tilt design • Space saving design - stacks up to 15 high • See opposite page for options. Note: Sizes T5 & T6 Available in all colours. Sizes T4 & T3 Not available in Black, Grey & Burgundy. Size T2 Not available in Charcoal, Black, Grey & Burgundy. Size T1 Available in Green, Blue, Red & Yellow only. Non stock colours available to order. Note: Sizes T16 & T15 Available in all colours. Sizes T14 & T13 Not available in Black, Grey & Burgundy. Non stock colours available to order. One of our best sellers - built to last! 20 year guarantee 10 year guarantee Titan Seat Colours Green Red Lime Black Blue Orange Sky Blue Grey Purple Yellow Charcoal Burgundy Titan Chairs Titan 4 Leg The super strong Titan 4 Leg chair is available in 12 shell colours and 4 seat heights - the ultimate 4 leg classroom chair. Moulded from a one piece high impact polypropylene shell, bolted to a super strong oval tube steel frame makes the chair almost unbreakable. • Seat moulded from impact resistant polypropylene • Ultra strong, stylish tubular steel frame • Anti-tilt rear legs • Tested to EN1729 Titan 4 Leg Codes Size Age Seat Height £ T13 3 5-7 350mm 44 T14 4 7-9 380mm 45 T15 5 9-13 430mm 45 T16 6 13+ 460mm 46 Titan encourages good posture for our children GN O C P L GR B Y BK R SB BU 8 recommended hours usage 0 8 6 Delivered to a room of choice within 10 working days fully assembled. Packaging removed and recycled. Certain exceptions see page 2. Meeting and Conference T Testing A fantastic value fully tested contract chair. FIRA Certifications BS EN 1729.1 and BS EN 1729.2