Office Furniture 2019

Fraction Plus Sit-Stand Desk - Page 20 Electronic keypad desk height adjustment provides the flexibility to work sitting or standing and switch easily between the two giving a great many personal benefits. Fraction Infinity Tables - Page 25 A modern twist on the traditional 4 leg table, intermediate legs facilitate larger tables to support teams working together or collaborative spaces. A desk is not just some wood and metal, it is an object at which many of us spend several hours, of several days sitting at. So don’t settle for anything less than the exact desk which meets your every requirement. You may like a functional desk, a contemporary look, an executive feel, or one that adjusts in height for different users. Once you have located the ideal desk, don’t forget to accessorise! With a choice of cable management gadgets which ensure a tidy and trip free workspace or a noise reducing desk mounted screen that can also add some colour to your environment. 2019 Range Highlights Fraction Deluxe - Page 16 Featuring fully integrated cable management to ensure a safe and tidy work space, compatible with all Fraction storage. Fraction Deluxe Page 12 Desking, Storage and Screens 0 0 6 Fraction + Page 10 Stunningly attractive addition of Grey Oak to the Fraction range.