2022 Office Furniture Catalogue

61 Facilitating collaborative work is very important when it comes to considered office design. However, with collaborative work, comes a required consideration for health and wellbeing as well as privacy. With these models, we can ensure you have the correct amount of personal space and privacy; whilst also working safely alongside and opposite colleagues. CONTENTS 62 Free Standing Protective Screens 64 Contempo Screens 65 Elco Screens 66 Lyle Desk Screens 67 Toolrail Screens 68 Panel Screens 69 Screen Accessories 70 Divide Type 1 - Single Toolrail 71 Divide Type 2 - Triple Toolrail 72 Mobile Screens 74 Screen Finish Guide 76 Magnum Screens SCREENS // 06 60 E&OE. All items are subject to VAT, where applicable.