2022 Office Furniture Catalogue

TITAN ACCESSORIES FABRIC SEAT PAD TROLLEY EXAM DESK TROLLEY EXAM DESK TROLLEY Overall Dimensions T8 D345 W365 Overall Dimensions T40 D480 W650 H1158 Overall Dimensions TCEDT-20T D1225 W660 H1150 Overall Dimensions T10-T D1267 W600 H473 Upholstered in Camira Phoenix fabric Minimum order quantity of 5 Capacity: 15 chairs Capacity: 20 exam desks Capacity: 40 exam desks 303 302 // EDUCATION 1YR GUARANTEE CAMIRA PHEONIX OPTIONS YP112 YP005 YP045 YP076 YP100 YP108 YP105 YP097 YP084 YP051 YP019 YP082 YP046 YP011 YP110 YP009 SEATPAD EXPLANATION: The Titan padded seat pad is the perfect addition to Titan chairs ranging from size three to size five. Available in unlimited fabric, these seat pads are upholstered in the UK to a colour and texture of your choosing to make learning a little bit more comfortable. E&OE. All items are subject to VAT, where applicable.