2022 Office Furniture Catalogue

31 30 TELESCOPIC BENCH EXPLANATION // BENCH DESKING The Telescopic Bench platform is a speedy and straightforward Bench system with an edge. By using a telescopic beam, it allows the system to be fully flexible by allowing the scope to construct lots of different layouts and configurations. Change needn’t mean unnecessary cost. In addition to its sliding telescopic beam, sliding top bridges can replace its existing fixed ones, and an additional large capacity cable tray is available to add. Both of these extra accessories further enhance this bench systems ability to facilitate various layouts by allowing easy access to cables for alteration and hide them out of the way. Screens A variety of screen brackets are available dependent on the type and design of screen required. Mass cable risers are available to add to the intermediate legs to enable running cables up from the floor by a simple magnetic fixing method. Intermediate leg Added into the middle with the addition of each extra desk Desktop Available with either cable ports or a cutout (shown) in 6 finishes, 3 widths and fixed or sliding tops End leg Moved to the end with each additional desk Cable tray Fitted to the underside of the desktop allowing it to hinge down from either side for easy access. Includes zip tie cable points and cable holes Screens Metal to metal connection allowing rigid connection for unrivalled strength Top bracket Gives the appearance of floating tops STEP 1 Slot adjustable beams into the end legs; noting orientation and ensuring full engagement. Adjust beams to be the correct length for the desktop being used (1200 – 1800mm). The length of the beams can be secured into place using an M4 x 15mm bolt. Slot adjustable beams into the intermediate leg or end leg (depending upon starter or extension); ensure full engagement prior to next step. Secure cross rails to the intermediate leg using a steel top hat and secure using 4 x M6 x 15mm connector bolts. Secure cross rails to the end leg using a steel top hat and secure using 2 x M6 x 15mm connector bolts. Locate desktops and secure in place using the M6 x 20mm connector bolts. STEP 2 Attach hanging brackets to the cable tray (optional accessory). The brackets simply hook onto the adjustable beam, which gives greater flexibility for any IT department. To fit the cable riser, bolt the hook to the underside of the intermediate leg and then hook the side panel in place. Cables are then fed into position, and hook in the opposing panel to enclose the leg. STEP 3 Attach screen brackets directly to the desktops using the bolts to secure these. Then simply slot the screens into place. Tool rail and panel screens can be linked in-line with the integrated link strips supplied within each screen. Simply remove the upper or lower caps, discard one of the strips and use the remaining link strip by fitting on the centre line of the two screens, thus creating the link. To finish, re-fit the caps in place. 1 2 3 1 2 3 E&OE. All items are subject to VAT, where applicable.