2022 Office Furniture Catalogue

298 // EDUCATION 299 E&EO. All items are subject to VAT, where applicable. • Available in four heights • KD design • Metal to metal fixings for strength • PU moulded edge FLAT-PACK CLASSROOM TABLES 590 HIGH PU EDGE TABLES 710 HIGH PU EDGE TABLES 640 HIGH PU EDGE TABLES 760 HIGH PU EDGE TABLES Overall Dimensions T-TABLE-1259 Rectangular table D600 W1200 H590 T-TABLE-6059 Square table D600 W600 H590 Overall Dimensions T-TABLE-1271 Rectangular table D600 W1200 H710 T-TABLE-6071 Square table D600 W600 H710 Overall Dimensions T-TABLE-1264 Rectangular table D600 W1200 H640 T-TABLE-6064 Square table D600 W600 H640 Overall Dimensions T-TABLE-1276 Rectangular table D600 W1200 H760 T-TABLE-6076 Square table D600 W600 H760 // TOP FINISHES // FRAME FINISH 25MM TOP THICKNESS 5YR COMPONENT GUARANTEE A great selection of multi-purpose PU edged school tables that come in a range of heights & widths, making them suitable for both primary, secondary and further educational spaces. Supplied flat-pack or through our D&I service these offer a cost-effective solution to creating collaborative spaces. FLAT-PACK CLASSROOM TABLES OE E