2022 Office Furniture Catalogue

SMALL TRAY STORAGE 293 292 // EDUCATION 8H HOURS USAGE 2YR GUARANTEE CLASSROOM SAFE E&OE. All items are subject to VAT, where applicable. SMALL 6 TRAYS Overall Dimensions T-STOR-6D-F01BLUE D438 W390 H795 SMALL 12 TRAYS Overall Dimensions T-STOR-12D-F01BLUE D438 W748 H795 SMALL 18 TRAYS MADE TO ORDER TRAY COLOUR SWATCHES Overall Dimensions T-STOR-18D-F01BLUE D438 W1106 H795 • Stocked with blue trays • Made to ordder colour trays have a lead time of 15 days Flame Red Forest Green Midnight Blue Jet Black Maroon Tomato Red Olive Green Plum Purple White Pastel Pink Tropical Orange Royal Blue Fuchsia Pink Magnolia Pastel Yellow Sunshine Yellow Cyan Blue Silver Mushroom Brown Pastel Green Jolly Lime Steel Blue Light Grey Tan Brown Pastel Blue Grass Green Cornflower Blue Charcoal Grey Dark Brown