Office Furniture 2019

Electronic keypad adjustment Rectangular Height Adjustable Desk System Increase focus, alertness and activity levels 0 2 1 5 year guarantee Fraction Plus Sit - Stand Bench allows for continuity and flexibility through out the office allowing users to work together in benching configurations, but at a height that suits personal preferences. Fraction Plus Sit - Stand Bench Desking, Storage and Screens See colours available on opposite page Prices do not include dividing screens Codes W x H x D (mm) £ ZFBSS1208 1200 x 650-1300 x 1600 1861 ZFBSS1408 1400 x 650-1300 x 1600 1883 ZFBSS1608 1600 x 650-1300 x 1600 1903 New for 2019