Office Furniture 2019

Tubs & Tubs Lux Pages 162-163 Inspire client and visitor confidence with one of our reception solutions. First impressions count, and with our best selling range Invite, you can create a welcoming, professional and functional reception at a price that suits. 2019 Range Highlights Coffee Tables - Pages 172-173 A coffee table will complete the look of your reception area, creating a practical space for greeting visitors. Choose from our attractive, yet affordable coffee tables to enhance your reception area. Complimentary seating to match can be found in both our reception & breakout sections. Reception Units - Pages 166-167 A comfy sofa and professional reception desk will boost any first impression. Friendly receptionist not included, but we’re sure you’ve already got that covered. Tubs Lux - Page 163 A spin off of the classic tub chair, adding a funky twist through colour, while maintaining that all important comfort. These are available with metal or wooden feet in 11 exciting vinyl colours. Reception Units Pages 166-167 Reception Seating & Furniture 1 5 8 Invite Receptions Pages 168-171