Roarsome Storage Ideas 2022

Executive Lockers Lockers, Cupboa ds & Cloakroom 74 Aluminium Framed Lockers with Laminate Doors ›› Lockers are designed and engineered to last, every component is manufactured from materials which will not degrade when exposed to chlorinated & humid atmospheres ›› Aluminium body with reduced radius corners give full width shelf to back of locker ›› Aluminium shelves, fixed firmly into position adding rigidity to the locker ›› Doors manufactured from 10mm solid grade laminate ›› Heavy duty self-closing hinges engineered to prevent the doors opening across adjacent compartment ›› A range of quality engineered locks available for wet, humid or dry environments ›› All lockers are supplied fully assembled & can be nested side by side with no visible gaps ›› Extruded aluminium frames engineered for added strength & stability * Single tier lockers include top shelf and double coat hook ** Double tier lockers include double coat hook per compartment Overall Size H x W x D mm Single Tier* Two Tier** Three Tier Four Tier Six Tier Model Price Model Price Model Price Model Price Model Price 1800 x 300 x 400 ZEN-180-30-40 £560.10 ZEN-300-400/2 £636.44 ZEN-300-400/3 £740.10 ZEN-300-400/4 £821.72 ZEN-300-400/6 £1082.33 1800 x 300 x 450 ZEN-180-30-45 £569.32 ZEN-300-450/2 £645.33 ZEN-300-450/3 £747.91 ZEN-300-450/4 £831.05 ZEN-300-450/6 £1095.49 1800 x 300 x 500 ZEN-180-30-50 £596.11 ZEN-300-500/2 £680.88 ZEN-300-500/3 £782.19 ZEN-300-500/4 £859.21 ZEN-300-500/6 £1118.88 1800 x 400 x 400 ZEN-180-40-40 £619.50 ZEN-400-400/2 £700.13 ZEN-400-400/3 £818.99 ZEN-400-400/4 £898.81 ZEN-400-400/6 £1201.22 1800 x 400 x 450 ZEN-180-40-45 £628.72 ZEN-400-450/2 £709.21 ZEN-400-450/3 £831.05 ZEN-400-450/4 £910.23 ZEN-400-450/6 £1214.25 Overall Size H x D mm Model Price Effect End Panels for lockers 1800 x 400 ZEN-END-12 £271.33 1800 x 450 ZEN-END-15 £305.25 1800 x 500 ZEN-END-18 £339.15 Effect End Panels for Lockers with Stands 1950 x 400 ZEN-END-12STANDS £294.38 1950 x 450 ZEN-END-15STANDS £331.21 1950 x 500 ZEN-END-18STANDS £367.95 Sloping Top - SLOPING TOP ZEN £115.61 Aluminium Round Number Cut Into Door - RNR £5.08 Engraved Door - Letter or Number per digit - ENGDO £8.47 Probe Cam Lock Hasp & Staple Included in locker price (Wet Environment Locks Price Differs) specify when ordering Pearly White Dark Grey Red Dynasty Dust Lime Lime Yellow Electric Blue DOOR COLOUR OPTIONS £560.10 FROM ONLY 10mm SOLID LAMINATE SOLID CORE OCKER SEATS & PLINTHS ailable for any number of stands. cludes adjustable feet. OCKER STANDS & PLINTHS ailable for any number of stands. cludes adjustable feet. ONCEALED SELF End Panel Single Tier Double Tier Three Tier Four Tier Six Tier Sloping Top Optional Inset Number Plates Flush Frame For Zero Gap Concealed Self Closing Hinge