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605 ›› Portable general purpose parcel weigher ›› Large clear display function ›› Mains or battery operated ›› Functions include: ›› On/Off ›› Zero ›› Tare ›› lb or kg ›› Platform size: 380L x 300W x 27Hmm Parcel Platform Scale Capacity Model Price 5kg x 20g & 11lb x 1oz MSK111 £80.00 10kg x 50g & 22lb x 2oz MSK117 £80.00 25kg x 100g & 56lb x 4oz MSK122 £80.00 50kg x 200g & 110lb x 8oz MSK127 £80.00 100kg x 500g & 220lb x 1lb MSK132 £80.00 Top/Bottom Hook & Round Pan (up to 5kg) £115.00 Capacity Model Price 10kg x 0.01kg & 22lb x 0.02lb SA3N25300013000 £95.00 25kg x 0.02kg & 55lb x 0.02lb SA3N27100013000 £95.00 45kg x 0.05kg & 99lb x 0.1lb SA3N12200013000 £95.00 Capacity Platform Size L x W mm Model Price 75kg x 10g 457 x 559 S100-75 £257.15 150kg x 20g S100-150 £257.15 300kg x 50g S100-300 £257.15 Capacity Model Price 15kg x 0.005kg & 30lb x 0.01lb WS15 £131.00 60kg x 0.02kg & 130lb x 0.05lb WS60 £131.00 120kg x 0.05kg & 260lb x 0.1lb WS120 £131.00 Mechanical Suspended Scales ›› Suspended weigher for many applications ›› Shatterproof ABS case with high strength stainless steel fittings ›› Checkweighing & totalising functions ›› Strong aluminium frame & base ›› Indicator can be base or column mounted ›› Mains or battery operated Electronic Suspended Balance ›› Tare & reading hold facility ›› Hand held or suspended balance ›› Battery operated with auto-off facility ›› Overall Size: 340H x 95W x 55Dmm Warehouse Scales Information i HAND HELD OR SUSPENDED Information i LARGE CLEAR DISPLAY Weigh Scales Mailroom & Packaging Calibration certificate available for electronic machines – this must be specified on your order and is subject to an additional charge