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Steel & Woven Strapping Kits Mailroom & Packaging 600 Steel Strapping Systems P048 P060 P056 P055 P059 Description Qty Model Price Mobile Coil Holder 13 - 19mm Ribbon Wound with Tray Each P048 £95.14 13mm Steel Strapping Ribbon Wound 600kg b/s 341M Reel Per Reel P049 £31.71 16mm Steel Strapping Ribbon Wound 750kg b/s 337M Reel Per Reel P050 £38.96 19mm Steel Strapping Ribbon Wound 900kg b/s 335M Reel Per Reel P051 £46.07 Snap-on Seals (1000) - 13 x 25mm Per Box P052 £8.89 Snap-on Seals (1000) - 16 x 25mm Per Box P053 £7.66 Snap-on Seals (1000) - 19 x 25mm Per Box P054 £13.39 Steel Strap 13 - 19mm Tensioner Each P055 £57.43 Steel Strap - 13mm Sealer Each P056 £25.29 Steel Strap - 16mm Sealer Each P057 £25.29 Steel Strap - 19mm Sealer Each P058 £25.29 Steel Sealless Combination Tool - 13/19mm Each P059 £412.50 Safety Shears - 30mm Each P060 £33.86 Description Qty Model Price 13-19mm Tensioner & Cutter Each P073 £42.64 200M of 16mm Woven Polyester Strapping with 80 Buckles Each P074 £24.43 13mm x 1000M Woven Polyester Strapping - 410kg b/s Each P075 £50.14 16mm x 850M Woven Polyester Strapping - 480kg b/s Each P076 £50.57 19mm x 600M Woven Polyester Strapping - 540kg b/s Each P077 £41.14 13mm Metal Buckles (1000) Per Box P080 £22.29 16mm Metal Buckles (1000) Per Box P081 £31.43 19mm Metal Buckles (1000) Per Box P082 £43.80 Dispenser Stand with Brake Each P078 £54.00 Mobile Trolley with Brake & Buckle Box Each P079 £77.14 Woven Polyester Strapping Systems Steel Strapping Kits Description Model Price Complete Strapping Kit with 13mm x 341M Strap & 13mm Seals P061 £221.43 Complete Strapping Kit with 16mm x 337M Strap & 16mm Seals P062 £227.14 Complete Strapping Kit with 19mm x 335M Strap & 19mm Seals P063 £235.71 ›› Strapping kit comprises of: tensioner, sealer, steel strapping, 1000 seals & mobile trolley Steel Strapping & Mobile Trolley Seals Tensioner Sealer P079 P078 P074 P073 Lower Value Orders May Incur a Handling Charge manufactured