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599 Polypropylene Strapping Systems P010 P014 P009 P012 P011 P013 Description Qty Model Price Polypropylene Strapping - 12mm x 2000M (150kg b/s white) Per Reel P001 £33.89 Polypropylene Strapping - 12mm x 1500M (200kg b/s black) Per Reel P002 £26.17 Polypropylene Strapping - 12mm x 1200M (270kg b/s blue) Per Reel P003 £40.20 Semi-open Seals (1000) - 12 x 25mm Per Box P006 £6.86 Semi-open Seals (2000) - 12 x 32mm Per Box P007 £18.21 Strapping Tensioner & Cutter - 12/19mm Each P009 £31.81 Strapping Sealer - 12mm (takes 12/25 & 12/32 Seals) Each P010 £24.00 Combination Tool - 12mm (takes 12/25 Seals) Each P011 £73.71 Heavy Duty Combination Tool - 12mm (takes 12/25 Seals) Each P012 £128.57 Portable Floor Stand with Brake Each P013 £27.00 Mobile Strapping Trolley with Brake & Seal Box Each P014 £56.15 Description Model Price Semi-automatic Strapping Machine ES-102A £641.79 12mm x 3000M Semi-automatic Machine Strapping - White (per Roll) P017 £37.39 Semi-automatic Strapping Machine ›› Adjustable for use with 9, 12, & 15.5mm wide strapping, producing up to 24 strapping cycles per minute ›› Offers mechanical tension control from 15 to 45kgs, & adjustable table height between 750-900mm ›› Ideal for general industrial applications, complete with hinged table top for easy access, with low-maintenance, easy operation ›› Overall size: 902L x 575W x 780H mm Automatic Strapping Machine ›› Reliable, robust machine for use with 12-15mm strapping ›› Operates at up to 24 cycles per minute, with a tension range of 15 - 70 kgs ›› Hinged table top, instant heating system, adjustable cooling time to suit different applications, & modular arch component ›› Overall size: 1440Lmm x 600Wmm x 1520Hmm. Table height 805mm, standard arch size W850 x H600mm Description Model Price Automatic Strapping Machine A-93N £2377.94 12mm x 3000M Automatic Machine Strapping - White (per Roll) P005 £44.73 Polypropylene Strapping Kit Description Model Price Complete Strapping Kit P008 £150.00 ›› Strapping kit comprises of: tensioner, sealer, 12mm x 1500M black strapping, 1000 seals & mobile trolley Black Strapping & Mobile Trolley Seals Tensioner Sealer Lower Value Orders May Incur a Handling Charge manufactured Information i QUICK & EASY WAY OF STRAPPING ITEMS Polypropylene Strapping Kits Mailroom & Packaging NEW NEW