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471 WM515 WM513 Resilient anti-slip treads with tread clamps Resilient anti-slip treads which are clamped to the steel tread by a high visibility yellow strip to prevent the edges peeling Specially designed steel domed feet The design incorporates a heavy duty pressed steel dome with an annular flange to facilitate the mounting of a moulded plastic rim which is shrink fitted for ultimate durability. The turned out rim gives significantly increased lateral strength & protection from side impact forces. These castors are fitted to the Fort Mobile Steps shown on pages 471 to 475 Fort ® Domed Feet Steps WS510 WS514 WS513 WS512 specify when ordering Red Blue Yellow COLOUR OPTIONS Fort ® Mobile Steps Access Equipment £198.05 FROM ONLY 3 GUARANTEE YR manufactured Safety, Strength & Durability Why Choose Me? 3 Bestselling range of domed feet steps 3 Extra strong domed feet that are welded, not bolted & do not break 3 The anti-slip treads on the WS models have the following advantages over rubber treads: Do not peel up; Are REACH compliant; Provide more grip when exposed to liquids Description Platform Height mm Platform Size W x D mm Overall Size H x W x D mm Weight kg Mesh Treads Anti-Slip Treads Model Price Model Price 2 Tread without handrail 500 400 x 300 580 x 560 x 575 8 WM510 £198.05 WS510 £212.80 2 Tread with looped handrail 1200 x 560 x 575 9 WM511 £230.40 WS511 £247.60 2 Tread with full handrail 1200 x 560 x 575 10 WM512 £242.55 WS512 £260.70 3 Tread with full handrail 750 1460 x 560 x 725 13 WM513 £284.90 WS513 £306.50 4 Tread with full handrail 1000 1710 x 560 x 875 16 WM514 £336.55 WS514 £361.35 5 Tread with full handrail 1250 1960 x 610 x 1025 21 WM515 £400.25 WS515 £429.70 FROM STOCK ANTI-SLIP IN BLUE ONLY 5 TREAD UNITS ON EXTENDED LEAD TIME ›› Tread size: 400W x 150D mm ›› These steps glide easily across floors, but once body weight is applied they stay firmly in position