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464 FORT ® SECURE ACCESS.... for Safety, Strength & Durability ALL FORT SECURE ACCESS STEPS ARE... ...TRIPLE WELDED FOR MAXIMUM SAFETY, ON ALL TREADS 1 2 3 4 ...POWDER COATED FOR A DURABLE FINISH, EVEN ON THE LARGEST 18 TREAD STEPS ...TESTED IN EXCESS OF THE LOAD CAPACITY ...HEAVY DUTY SHRINK WRAPPED FOR PROTECTION EACH STEP IS INDIVIDUALLY CHECKED BEFORE DESPATCH. Access Information Access Equipment 3 GUARANTEE YR manufactured i Following the introduction of part 7 to the EN 131 standard there is growing interest in tested warehouse steps. Heavy duty warehouse steps were previously covered within the European BGI637 standard and this standard was effectively incorporated into the scope of EN 131-7 in September 2013. This, together with the previous levels of parts 1 to 3 of the EN 131 standard, has defined criteria for design, test and certification across a wide spectrum of step units. We have a vast range of UK manufactured steps which are tested to the EN 131 standard and the EN 14183 standard and users are becoming increasingly interested in using products that have the benefit of conformance and certification. No longer can manufacturers & suppliers say that there is no British standard. We have been the only UK manufacturer of Safety Steps which are accredited to the European GS & DGUV Standard for many years and elements of these relevant standards have been incorporated into our design and test criteria for all of our UK manufactured steps. This is so we can ensure that the necessary levels of product strength, durability and stability are achieved. Our manufacturing processes all take place under controlled conditions conforming to ISO:9001 ensuring product conformity is verified. ARE YOUR WAREHOUSE STEPS CERTIFIED TO EN 131?