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435 Expanding Fitting Castors ›› Robust institutional castors ›› Precision ball bearings & plastic thread guards to reduce noise & rolling resistance ›› 10mm single bolt hole fixing but can be used with any of the expanders listed Expanding Tubular Adaptors PS75PJPBH To suit Tubing Model Price Round 19mm to 21.5mm WR0719-21.5 £3.05 21.5mm to 24mm WR0721.5-24 £3.05 24mm to 27mm WR0724-27 £3.05 27mm to 30mm WR0727-30 £3.05 31mm to 35mm WR0731-35 £3.90 Square 21.5mm to 24mm WR4721.5-24 £3.05 24mm to 27mm WR4724-27 £3.05 27mm to 30mm WR4727-30 £3.05 32mm to 35mm WR4732-35 £3.90 36mm to 40mm WR4736-40 £3.90 8477UOO100P62 Medium Duty Stainless Steel Castors ›› A range of stainless steel castors with double ball race heads for use in environments where there is a high level of moisture present or where hygiene requirements demand frequent washing ›› Plate size: 105 x 85mm ›› Hole centres - 80 x 60mm Wheel Dia. Wheel Type Tread Width Load Capacity Overall Height Bearing Type Swivel Radius Castor Model Swivel Price Castor Model Fixed Price Castor Model Braked Price 80mm Nylon 34mm 100kg 108mm Plain 80 8470UOO080P62 £20.75 8478UOO080P62 £16.05 8477UOO080P62 £24.75 Polyurethane Tyre / Nylon Centre 30mm 150kg Roller 8470UAD080P62 £27.50 8478UAD080P62 £22.30 8477UAD080P62 £33.45 100mm Nylon 35mm 128mm Plain 90 8470UOO100P62 £21.55 8478UOO100P62 £16.80 8477UOO100P62 £25.65 Polyurethane Tyre / Nylon Centre 30mm Roller 8470UAD100P62 £26.30 8478UAD100P62 £21.30 8477UAD100P62 £34.50 Elastic Rubber Tyre / Nylon Centre Roller 107.5 8470UED100P62 £35.70 8478UED100P62 £25.85 8477UED100P62 £42.75 125mm Nylon 40mm 300kg 155mm Plain 8470UOO125P62 £24.40 8478UOO125P62 £18.35 8477UOO125P62 £28.20 Polyurethane Tyre / Nylon Centre 200kg Roller 8470UAD125P62 £30.50 8478UAD125P62 £23.85 8477UAD125P62 £38.70 Wheel Dia. Wheel Type Tread Width Load Cap kg Overall Height Bearing Type Swivel Model Price Swivel Braked Model Price 75 Grey Rubber 30mm 75 100 Ball PS75PJPBH £9.90 PS75PJPBHBR £12.45 100 Grey Rubber 32mm 100 134 Ball PS100PJPBH £10.60 PS100PJPBHBR £13.15 125 Grey Rubber 32mm 100 159 Ball PS125PJPBH £17.25 PS125PJPBHBR £19.85 PS75PJPBHBR WR4721.5-24 8478UAD125P62 8470UED100P62 Low value orders may be subject to a handling charge - CALL FOR DETAILS Wheels & Castors Handling Equipment