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333 Sack Trucks Handling Equipment GI935P 4 Wheel Sack Truck GI935P Platform Truck GI935P Sack Truck ›› Easily converts from a basic sack truck to a 4 wheel sack truck or platform truck ›› Incorporates 2 toe plates. A fixed toe plate (457W x 190Dmm) & a large folding toe plate (228W x 686Dmm) ›› Mobile on 250mm pneumatic wheels & 125mm polyurethane castors 350kg evenly distributed Aluminium Three Way Truck Information i CONVERTS QUICKLY & EASILY INTO 3 POSITIONS Overall Size As Platform Truck L x W x H mm Overall Size As Sack Truck L x W x H mm Weight kg Model Price 1500 x 530 x 980 470 x 530 x 1325 18 GI935P £354.85 Three Position Truck with Bag Holder GI354Y as Platform Truck with bag holder up GI354Y with bag holder down Elastic strap holding the bag in place 80kg evenly distributed Overall Size - L x W x H mm Toe Plate Size D x W mm Weight kg Model Price Sack Truck Mode Platform Truck Mode 350 x 450 x 1180 630 x 450 x 795 130 x 350 8.5 GI354Y £61.95 ›› Converts from a sack truck to a platform truck in seconds ›› Mobile on 200mm solid rubber wheels & 100mm swivel castors ›› Complete with a movable bag holder which incorporates an elastic strap to hold the bag in place (bag not supplied) 150kg evenly distributed GI805P as Platform Truck Overall Height mm Overall Width mm Weight kg Model Price Folded: 1310 & Unfolded: 1020 510 20 GI805P £228.10 Aluminium Two Way Truck GI805P as Sack Truck GI354Y as Sack Truck ›› Strong, robust & lightweight ›› 250mm pneumatic wheels ›› Use as a sack truck or platform truck ›› Toe plate size: 455W x 225D mm