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299 Pallet Trucks Lifting Equipment FPPT20 & FPPTPLSA FPPT20 & FPPTPLSA 2000kg evenly distributed Load Cap. kg Fork Length mm Fork Width mm Width over Forks mm Pallet Type Model Price 2000 1150 160 540 Euro & GKN/CHEP/UK FPPT20 £5295.25 Optional Driver Platform & Side Protection Bars FPPTPLSA £690.50 Premium Fully Powered Pallet Trucks ›› Conform to EN 1757-1 ›› Raised height of forks: 200mm ›› Lowered height of forks: 85mm ›› Approved acceleration enhances efficient pallet entry & exit. Nonpolar control is programmable for specific tasks or operator skill levels ›› High quality hydraulic pump ensures little noise & maximum durability ›› Drive unit incorporates an electro magnetic brake that is spring applied & electrically released. The brake is activated by the control handle ›› Ergonomically designed control handle ›› Mobile on 252mm steering wheels & 84mm tandem rollers ›› 3000kg option available - please call for details Control Panel 2 GUARANTEE YR CAN BE USED WITH GKN/CHEP/UK 1000 x 1200mm Closed Pallets Euro 800 x 1200mm Open Pallets In accordance with HSE HS (9) it is recommended that all lifting equipment supplied must have a minimum of one service per annum One service visit per annum & a PEWER inspection Price: £165.00 per truck & per annum (any parts are extra) PLEASE NOTE: In order for us to offer a 2 year guarantee your Pallet Truck must be serviced within the above agreement FULL NATIONWIDE COVERAGE OF UK MAINLAND