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296 Pallet Trucks Lifting Equipment WPT2200 WPT2200SS Weigh Scale Display 2200kg evenly distributed Description Fork Length mm Width over Forks mm Pallet Type Model Price Standard 1150 560 Euro & GKN/CHEP/UK WPT2200 £1415.90 Stainless Steel 1150 560 Euro & GKN/CHEP/UK WPT2200SS £5360.35 Information i ULTRA WEIGHING ACCURACY TO +/- 0.02% & in 100g increments Ultra High Accuracy Weigh Scale Pallet Truck NEW 3 GUARANTEE YR CAN BE USED WITH GKN/CHEP/UK 1000 x 1200mm Closed Pallets Euro 800 x 1200mm Open Pallets ›› Conform to EN 1757-2 ›› CE marked & plated ›› Fork width: 160mm ›› Raised height of forks: 205mm ›› Lowered height of forks: 85mm ›› Mobile on 200mm steering wheels & 84 x 70mm tandem rollers ›› Accuracy (+/- 0.02% and in 100g increments) ›› Electronic lifting height indication in a high contrast display - can be read at any angle ›› Highly reliable - all components are compact, designed for mobile use & have low power consumption. No connections or components can shake loose from vibrations ›› Water & dust proof to IP65. IP65 allows the pallet truck to be used outside or on lorries & can be cleaned with water (under normal pressure). The load cells in the forks have an even protection level ›› Built in rechargeable batteries with up to 80 hours ›› Legal for trade option available upon request