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265 Drum Lifters Drum Lifters Drum, IBC & Cylinder Equipment Fork Lift Drum Tilter ›› CE marked & plated ›› Can be operated without leaving the fork lift truck ›› Enables your fork truck to be used as a drum handler ›› Can easily lift, transport & tilt loaded drums ›› The 3 metre pull chain loop allows simple control from the driver seat ›› Fork distance: 620mm apart ›› Fork pockets: 65H x 180W mm Overall Size L x W x H mm Weight kg Model Price 1000 x 770 x 510 76 DLF05Z £673.25 DLF05Z DLV02Z ›› One person operation ›› CE marked & plated ›› Simply attach/hang the lifter on a hook from an overhead hoist or crane, saddle around the drum & raise to the desired height & position ›› For use with 210 litre steel drums ›› Model DLV02Z has a geared chain control. The 3 metre control chain can be locked to secure the drum in any position during transit & dispensing DLF05Z DLC02Z Taper Grip Drum Clamp ›› CE marked & plated ›› Suitable for use with 210 Litre steel drums ›› The steel jaws grip the rim of the drum, allowing the drums to be picked up or set down without spaces between them ›› Automatic grip lock will not open & ensures safe drum transportation ›› Grip head has different positions to fit different heights No. of Drums Held Fork Spread Overall Size L x W x H mm Weight kg Model Price 1 560 mm 830 x 710 x 1000 60 DLC01Z £626.30 2 605 mm 1030 x 850 x 1000 96 DLC02Z £782.40 DLC01Z N.B. It is important for the safe use of this unit that the drum ring is not damaged & is strong enough to support its own weight 350kg evenly distributed 350kg evenly distributed 360kg evenly distributed 720kg evenly distributed Description Overall Size L x W x H mm Weight kg Model Price Standard 820 x 720 x 230 22 DLV01Z £284.75 Geared 850 x 850 x 250 40 DLV02Z £501.45 Information i EASY OPERATION FROM YOUR FORK LIFT CAB Information i IDEAL FOR LOW LEVEL POURING DLV01Z