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›› CE Tested ›› Designed to allow you to pick up & transport a full or empty 210 litre steel drum ›› The foot operated hydraulic pump smoothly lifts the drum, held firm by the top rim clamp ›› The retractable clamp holds the drum securely & releases automatically ›› Mobile on 2 x 200mm nylon wheels & a rear 100mm swivel rubber castor DL287Z DL287Z shown with the drum raised Retractable Clamp 280kg evenly distributed £329.35 DL287Z Hydraulic Drum Lifter 261 DT300P DT300P Drum locking mechanism Drum Tilter ›› CE marked & plated ›› Designed to allow you to pick up, transport & rotate full or empty 210L steel drums ›› The saddle secures the drum ›› Mobile on 2 x 180mm polyurethane wheels & a rear 75mm swivel castor 300kg evenly distributed Overall Size L x W x H mm Weight kg Model Price 1420 x 900 x 1712 50 DT300P £439.50 Drum Transporters Drum, IBC & Cylinder Equipment Information i IDEAL FOR LOW LEVEL POURING Overall Size L x W x H mm Maximum Lift Height mm Weight kg Model Price 800 x 870 x 990 150 36.5 DL287Z £329.35 PRICE HELD